History of the iPhone

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Watch the iPhone evolve through thirteen years of development. Starting with the original iPhone in 2007, which revolutionized the mobile phone industry, and ending with the iPhone SE, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2020. What's in store for the best selling smartphone in America? No one knows for sure. But it would appear that the iPhone will remain a leader in the smartphone industry for years to come.
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  1. moez naimi
    moez naimi
    2 часа назад

    IPhone se 2020❤️❤️❤️💕my iPhone ihave iPhone 6splus ans iPhone se 2020 ans iPhone 12pro max finally iPhone 8plus

  2. Sundari Poningsih
    Sundari Poningsih
    3 часа назад

    Bismillah allahumma solli alla Muhammad ip xr sudh lebaran warna kuning 128 gb

  3. Leonardo Alves
    Leonardo Alves
    5 часов назад

    6:08 🤭❤️

  4. Hiba sH
    Hiba sH
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  5. kimberly Powell
    kimberly Powell
    6 часов назад

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  6. eghefhbge
    7 часов назад

    2:14 my iphone

  7. Sid Kumar
    Sid Kumar
    10 часов назад

    Iphon only famous with name .not battry performance

  8. Awesome Dude Gaming
    Awesome Dude Gaming
    11 часов назад

    What about iPhone's geography

    1. Rosli Hashim
      Rosli Hashim
      11 часов назад

      What is that,

  9. Kiwi Gaming
    Kiwi Gaming
    11 часов назад

    🤦‍♂️why apple uses Samsung chipset

  10. Salar Dlshad
    Salar Dlshad
    12 часов назад

    Anyone has XR ?

  11. iAir
    14 часов назад

    I love the iPhone 8 wireless charging it’s like your Apple Watch charging.

  12. Craig dcruz
    Craig dcruz
    14 часов назад

    IPhone 8: I'm shit compared to 9 IPhone 11: I'm shit compared to SE

  13. Toca Stories
    Toca Stories
    16 часов назад

    iPhone 12 mini ahh aw

  14. Super 19V
    Super 19V
    17 часов назад

    Can you please give me a iPhone 12 pro for free

  15. Chhabita Bhowmick
    Chhabita Bhowmick
    18 часов назад

    All mobile details wrong

  16. RD Gaming YT
    RD Gaming YT
    18 часов назад

    Where is the iPhone SE???? I think forgotten Apple

    1. Rosli Hashim
      Rosli Hashim
      11 часов назад

      Bruh there is iPhone se dont you see?

  17. Fear_3bdullah
    18 часов назад

    Got my 12 😁 after upgrading from my buggy 7

  18. The Kool Kid 70
    The Kool Kid 70
    19 часов назад

    Why are they getting so much more expensive

  19. ghost51
    19 часов назад

    𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚌𝚛𝚊𝚣𝚢?

  20. Aditya IX'D
    Aditya IX'D
    20 часов назад

    I have this one 2:21

  21. fahad g sab bahadar gaming chanel
    fahad g sab bahadar gaming chanel
    21 час назад

    i phone L wa hor kosh ni

  22. fahad g sab bahadar gaming chanel
    fahad g sab bahadar gaming chanel
    21 час назад

    i phone L wa hor kosh ni

    22 часа назад


  24. Ale Uki
    Ale Uki
    22 часа назад

    i use ip12 pro max

  25. 2A34 HIN CYUN LAM
    22 часа назад

    I like Iphone 8

  26. Hadzic H
    Hadzic H
    День назад

    *watches phone get expensiver*

  27. Mia Paige
    Mia Paige
    День назад

    Just brought the 11 it’s amazing

  28. DAVID
    День назад

    Watching this on my iPhone 12 Pro Max 😎✌🏽

  29. Yours
    День назад

    alhamdullilah very blessed with iPhone 6 s

    1. IceBear
      13 часов назад

      May allah give u iphone pro max 12 amin

    2. IceBear
      13 часов назад


  30. مًلَحًهّـ
    День назад

    رحت مضته يحسفه 🙁

    День назад


    День назад

    I have used all iphone series

  33. Tarlan Tito
    Tarlan Tito
    День назад

    BY ME İPHONE 12😁🤧😪

  34. Spectamin
    День назад

    My phone is at 6:01

  35. Devon Brissett
    Devon Brissett
    День назад

    I'm just here to see where finger print started.

  36. Gyan Wala Fact
    Gyan Wala Fact
    День назад


    День назад

    Background music is very nice all of them. Bcoz i can just afford this🙈😁😂😂🤣

  38. Atlas Gamer
    Atlas Gamer
    День назад

    They still havent crossed 4000mAH battery

  39. Jyothi Reddy
    Jyothi Reddy
    День назад

    I have iphone 12pro

  40. Fire PhiPhi2010
    Fire PhiPhi2010
    День назад

    Im really confused because here. It says. The iPhone. 11. Cost. 699. But when I got. Min E. It. Was. 1250. So that’s weird....

  41. anish dogs video channel
    anish dogs video channel
    День назад


  42. * TheSovietUnionOfEsm *
    * TheSovietUnionOfEsm *
    День назад

    I still use iPhone 4 😎🤘🏻

  43. Priti Agrawal
    Priti Agrawal
    День назад

    i phone 12 is a best ❤️❤️❤️

    День назад

    Watching on I phone 11🥸

  45. Kristen Mora
    Kristen Mora
    День назад

    Why do people dislike tho/

  46. Yell 0wee
    Yell 0wee
    День назад

    I just got an ad from samsung

  47. Gamer Aayush
    Gamer Aayush
    День назад

    I phone 3G mere paas tha

  48. trippiecrayC
    2 дня назад

    I'm still using my iphone 5s it's still cool:)

  49. Jana Rožnovská
    Jana Rožnovská
    2 дня назад

    Já mám osmičku

  50. Luca stefan
    Luca stefan
    2 дня назад

    5:22 on 256gb white? 😊

  51. Selina Tobias
    Selina Tobias
    2 дня назад

    אני צופה בסרטון זה מה- iPhone 7 שלי

  52. Saisha Nijhawan
    Saisha Nijhawan
    2 дня назад

    I have iphone 12 pro max

  53. Gaming World
    Gaming World
    2 дня назад

    I have i-phone12 pro max

  54. MR RaHat
    MR RaHat
    2 дня назад

    iPhone is better than my phone.

  55. Brucel86
    2 дня назад

    you have the 5c in the wrong place. Do your homework

  56. Ishaan Mohan Bishnoi
    Ishaan Mohan Bishnoi
    2 дня назад

    Why is all camera sizes are 12 mp

  57. Dipsa's art & craft
    Dipsa's art & craft
    2 дня назад

    Mine is iphone 12 pro max 😊😊

  58. Naruto Gamer YT
    Naruto Gamer YT
    2 дня назад

    Gotta admit IPhones is king of storage

  59. Pardhiv sai Vaddadi
    Pardhiv sai Vaddadi
    2 дня назад

    Nice video making

  60. Locutus-von BORG
    Locutus-von BORG
    2 дня назад

    Thanks for the great iPhone Lineup Show :)

  61. Darius
    2 дня назад

    It's funny, how every time apple release a new phone, they say it is the best in the world and will be forever, and after a month or two, they release a new one and calls it the best in the world and that it will be forever.

  62. Shahnaz Khan
    Shahnaz Khan
    2 дня назад

    iPhones have everything perfect except it's battery Life

  63. Dhrunil Tailor
    Dhrunil Tailor
    2 дня назад

    I have 2:16 min phone

  64. WhatsApp Videos
    WhatsApp Videos
    2 дня назад

    Using which software you made this video please guide

  65. 【DAGOTH UR】
    2 дня назад

    The thumbnail tells me we should stop talking about how thin phones are as a feature. That was many years ago.

  66. Marwan Khan
    Marwan Khan
    3 дня назад

    Fun fact : every one is watching in android

    1. johnathan
      День назад


  67. Алексей Агафонов
    Алексей Агафонов
    3 дня назад

    Меня убивает их батарея 😆

  68. mavi_style
    3 дня назад

    İ want iphone 6s plus

  69. Mr. 30 FPS
    Mr. 30 FPS
    3 дня назад

    I currently have the iPhone 7 and when I go to school and I'm seen with the phone people come up to me and say, "Is that seriously a iPhone 7? You are a joke". The iPhone has turned from a useful tool to a trendy thing to get. Obviously, people use it for the usefulness of it, but why are they getting a new one every year? It's the same thing with a new useless function, is it not?

    1. Jose Javier Flores
      Jose Javier Flores
      2 дня назад

      This was actually one of the reasons why I hated high school so much. So much stupid crap like that. Anyways, some people just want to have the latest things just because they want to fit in with everyone else.

  70. Zahra Ali
    Zahra Ali
    3 дня назад

    I have a red iPhone 12

  71. Londirx
    3 дня назад

    Cannot beleive that my phone has better specs than all of those

  72. ADityA RÃJHãÑs
    ADityA RÃJHãÑs
    3 дня назад

    iPhone X series is best❤️❤️

    3 дня назад

    Watching from a IPhone XR!

  74. P3DROR
    3 дня назад


  75. Yashraj Deshmukh
    Yashraj Deshmukh
    3 дня назад

    I am also Using iPhone

  76. OM Barsha
    OM Barsha
    3 дня назад

    In thumbnail these are looking like PEN 🖋️🖋️but after watching video📱📱📱🤣🤣🤣🤣

  77. Prashanth Kachu
    Prashanth Kachu
    3 дня назад

    I can afford an Apple and phone, but not Applephone 😁

  78. Hüseyin Marinov
    Hüseyin Marinov
    3 дня назад

    İPhone 12 team here 👇👇

  79. Urvi Bengani
    Urvi Bengani
    3 дня назад

    Another episode of random recommendation

  80. Zovittaa Zovittaa
    Zovittaa Zovittaa
    3 дня назад

    iPhone is the best❤️

  81. Courtney Foreman
    Courtney Foreman
    3 дня назад

    When you realize, you never get an iphone and will be stuck with a rlly old samsung lol

  82. HR ARMY
    3 дня назад

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  83. HR ARMY
    3 дня назад

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  84. Watcharapa . PON
    Watcharapa . PON
    3 дня назад

    I use a white iPhone 11.💗

  85. Suyog Gaming TV
    Suyog Gaming TV
    3 дня назад


  86. Shrimpter
    3 дня назад

    Steve learned to count by saying 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,10

  87. siddhi vinayak
    siddhi vinayak
    3 дня назад

    Watching this on my iphone

  88. Louis Rosales
    Louis Rosales
    3 дня назад

    iphone4 - iphone4s -iphone6 - iphone11

  89. SAIYAM Kumar
    SAIYAM Kumar
    3 дня назад

    Yt recommend this vedio after 6 months

  90. chace off
    chace off
    3 дня назад

    I'm not going to talk to you guys iPhone 6 is my favorite iPhone and phone

  91. Riba Ghazal
    Riba Ghazal
    3 дня назад

    Y’all work so hard on these videos it scares me

  92. Th37oolishlea6er 2.0
    Th37oolishlea6er 2.0
    4 дня назад

    iPhone XR gang wya

  93. Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean
    4 дня назад

    iPhone 4: Ah yes the time when we considered the front camera a big deal...

  94. Alex Guzman
    Alex Guzman
    4 дня назад

    Why everybody saying ther small I’m watching on the 12 pro max Shits big the screen is bigger Than the 7 plus with a case on

  95. Rahul Mudapaka
    Rahul Mudapaka
    4 дня назад

    how come iPhone 2 had 32gb on back of the phone and in stat list its max is only 16gb??????

    4 дня назад

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  97. smart tech
    smart tech
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  98. Abdul xd
    Abdul xd
    4 дня назад

    Who is watching it on iPhone 📱 7plus

  99. Mohsin Ali
    Mohsin Ali
    4 дня назад

    Bhi Samsung ki b one by one series ki bnao

  100. Imangali Abdykalyk
    Imangali Abdykalyk
    4 дня назад

    ким казак