iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro DROP Test! 4x Stronger Ceramic Shield!

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iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro Drop Test! Extreme durability testing the 'Toughest glass in any smartphone'.. Ceramic Shield glass has incredible results!
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iPhone 12 DEEP Water Test!
Last years 11 Pro Drop Test: rugone.info/class/nL7QlNSWgNSzr6U/video
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  1. Yasia Sorbo
    Yasia Sorbo
    4 часа назад

    Check the cameras since they protrude more

  2. LaQuan Deberry
    LaQuan Deberry
    4 часа назад

    Great job on drop test.

  3. Ryan
    9 часов назад

    I think the new 12s are much more fragile. i had an iphone 6 for 6 years in a lifeproof case and dropped it several times, ~2x/wk. The new 12 pro max with silicone case broke within 6 months of normal drops. Makes me frustrated, especially with the $500 repair price. i understand bigger span will be easier to break but this back glass is not strong enough. i'd rather have metal.

  4. TriggerWest
    13 часов назад

    “im not a big fan of the colour” wearing a watch thats the same colour

  5. Blir Ziberi
    Blir Ziberi
    День назад

    My iPhone 12 Pro Max after 1 day: fell like 3 ft and the glass broke 🙂

  6. Ngy VinThov
    Ngy VinThov
    День назад

    Me 1🙏😅❤️

  7. Vtx Reaper
    Vtx Reaper
    День назад

    Me - can’t even afford an iPhone 7 EveythingApplePro EAP - DESTROYING IPHONE 12 PRO

  8. Living The Dream
    Living The Dream
    День назад

    so hard to watch

  9. GangScud_ 07
    GangScud_ 07
    2 дня назад

    You have to do this Outside on a other Ground.

  10. Kayshawn Foster
    Kayshawn Foster
    2 дня назад

    What kind of sneakers you're wearing those are nice

  11. Kenneth Drury
    Kenneth Drury
    2 дня назад

    That was brutal to watch

  12. T G
    T G
    2 дня назад

    man each drop is different, you gotta control your angles to make a true comparison.

  13. Justin Smorgunov
    Justin Smorgunov
    3 дня назад

    Thanks for making videos for us

  14. Justin Smorgunov
    Justin Smorgunov
    3 дня назад

    Oh my God you do a good job breaking the phones

  15. Ayush kumar Anant
    Ayush kumar Anant
    3 дня назад

    Amezing bro

  16. E Vatia
    E Vatia
    4 дня назад


  17. daniel ferry
    daniel ferry
    4 дня назад


  18. Red Death
    Red Death
    4 дня назад

    Drop apple 13

  19. deepak kumar
    deepak kumar
    4 дня назад

    my heart was jumping out from mouth everytime he was dropping these phone !!

  20. Mohammed Alfadhel
    Mohammed Alfadhel
    4 дня назад

    2:12 Lamya Tareq has that phone

  21. Simply Safwanah
    Simply Safwanah
    4 дня назад

    He kept talking “iphone 11” instead of “iphone 12” 😂

  22. Fvhny
    5 дней назад


    5 дней назад

    Give some to poor people like me 😪😓

    1. Thor_Lock_habibi
      3 дня назад


    5 дней назад

    👁️ 👁️. 👁️👁️ 👄. 👃 👄

    5 дней назад

    👁️ 👁️. 👁️👁️ 👄. 👃 👄

  26. Jayden Whitley
    Jayden Whitley
    5 дней назад

    Me and my iPhone seven watching in horror and jealousy XDDD

  27. Cursedkoozie
    6 дней назад

    I stopped mid through an iPhone 12 Pro review to come here when they were talking about the stronger Ceramic Shield, when I remembered E A P would definitely have iPhone 12 Pro drop test. Take my like!

  28. R x
    R x
    6 дней назад


  29. Mohammed Alfadhel
    Mohammed Alfadhel
    7 дней назад

    0:53 my mom has that iPhone 12

  30. Mohammed Alfadhel
    Mohammed Alfadhel
    7 дней назад

    I don’t know why he buys his iPhones then he breaks them he will have to pay for it if he breaks making his phone a waste

  31. Vala
    7 дней назад

    Every time he drops it I’m like NOOO give it to me 😭🤯

  32. Will Randall
    Will Randall
    7 дней назад

    worst video ever. first of all what a wasted of phones and money. and dont u dare ask for a like,wasting money like that. what a hypocrite u dont like blue but u forgot what u have on ur wrist and feet! its all blue babyboy haha

    7 дней назад

    clearly most ppl here are stupid to believe this just look at the video cuts just before he turns them this guy is paid by apple the video is edited and yes the iphone screen will break if you drop it dont listen to the fake ass

    1. Thor_Lock_habibi
      3 дня назад

      How do they fake the damage on the phones??

  34. alisabeeh100 YTV
    alisabeeh100 YTV
    8 дней назад

    Trust me me do it I will break it

  35. bunny gentle
    bunny gentle
    8 дней назад

    Thanks fun to watch, way too many ads bro!!

  36. Zyion Street
    Zyion Street
    8 дней назад

    Who ever sees this repent from your sins spread the Gospel read the Bible and trust in Jesus and build a relationship with him

  37. Christian Gaming
    Christian Gaming
    8 дней назад

    Dude, this video makes my heart race faster than if I were to watch a horror movie! Haha, thanks for doing this so we don't have to!

  38. Damen RB
    Damen RB
    9 дней назад

    I just put a latercase and gorilla glass screen protector on my 12 Pro… Should be enough 🙃🤷🏽‍♂️

  39. Mdd Lode
    Mdd Lode
    9 дней назад

    12 is better you see

  40. Rene G
    Rene G
    9 дней назад

    Why are his pants so tight! 🤨🤔

  41. Jordan Che
    Jordan Che
    9 дней назад

    me watching this video with my iphone 6 👁👄👁

  42. Adam Nevins
    Adam Nevins
    9 дней назад

    These videos make me want to cry lol

  43. I RantAboutEverything
    I RantAboutEverything
    10 дней назад

    All new design?!?! Nigga iPhone 5s did it first

  44. O.M.O
    10 дней назад

    me watching this on an android: 😭

  45. Veysel Toprak
    Veysel Toprak
    11 дней назад

    the weight is evenly distributed on the smooth surface. try it on asphalt.

  46. Nil pe
    Nil pe
    11 дней назад

    give me a phone😕

  47. umesh parmar
    umesh parmar
    11 дней назад

    I want to buy this phone

  48. Agent Smith
    Agent Smith
    12 дней назад

    Gotta be crazy to carry an expensive phone like that without a protective case.

  49. Matthew King
    Matthew King
    12 дней назад

    I don’t like flat edges I used to have a iPhone SE and it was terrible and I then got the iPhone 7+ and now I have iPhone 11 and even iPhone 7+ I liked more than the se but iPhone 11 will always be best to me until they bring back curved edges

  50. Venkat P
    Venkat P
    12 дней назад

    My heart is breaking while dropping

  51. Jack MDC.
    Jack MDC.
    12 дней назад

    this is look like watch a horor movie

  52. Nero
    13 дней назад

    Still should get a case tho

  53. Ayush Agrawal
    Ayush Agrawal
    13 дней назад

    Too many ads

  54. Sriram Prakash Ravichandran
    Sriram Prakash Ravichandran
    14 дней назад

    I think in the present time when most or all of the users put a case. It’s better to test drops with cases only to really get an idea of the real world scenario.

  55. Reapr46rad
    14 дней назад

    Every time he drops it, i shed a tear

  56. Satyajeet Ranjan
    Satyajeet Ranjan
    14 дней назад

    Sir I'm watching your video since three years but didn't get anything Because there was problem I have added my account on RUgone before some months that's why it may happen you have not gotten my views.. I just want to say that I'm a student and need a good phone to study but I don't have money. I'm not saying that you give me this phone you may give any phone but at least give and you must be thinking that how a middle class boy can write in English so I have completed one year free English speaking course.. at last you and your videos are awesome we get a lot of information from you thank you so much for that..

  57. Satyajeet Ranjan
    Satyajeet Ranjan
    14 дней назад

    What if we belong to India... I think we'll not be able to get the price at all🙁🙁

  58. A l a n a l e e
    A l a n a l e e
    15 дней назад

    My Phone is xiaomi, Ive knocked it down several times and never gave if you want a crack

  59. RFS Sami Gaming
    RFS Sami Gaming
    16 дней назад

    I feel pain in my kidneys after watching drop vedios

  60. Adams Angels
    Adams Angels
    17 дней назад

    Count down from 10 idiot like I’ve got all day

  61. bn zl
    bn zl
    17 дней назад

    quem dera ter pelo menos o iphone 7 e o cara quebrando um 12 pro max kkkkkkk

  62. Bilal Hussain
    Bilal Hussain
    18 дней назад

    Now I’m satisfied with my iPhone12 Hk🙌🏻

  63. charan reddy
    charan reddy
    18 дней назад

    Please give me iphone 12pro one mobile.

  64. charan reddy
    charan reddy
    18 дней назад


  65. Moiz Amjad
    Moiz Amjad
    18 дней назад

    You are very great pleaza give me one iphone 12 please

  66. Chloe plays Roblox
    Chloe plays Roblox
    19 дней назад

    This was painful to wach

  67. Surya Narayanan [41]
    Surya Narayanan [41]
    19 дней назад

    Hey can you deliver me that broken I phone please, I don't have a good one.🙏

  68. Otoniel Medina
    Otoniel Medina
    20 дней назад

    Anyone going caseless after watching this ?

    1. GOAT
      16 дней назад

      I have the red iPhone, but I’m too paranoid to go caseless. I hate seeing any micro scratches or dents, so imma just go clear case

  69. Jayden Joshua
    Jayden Joshua
    20 дней назад


  70. Kimie Alcantara
    Kimie Alcantara
    20 дней назад

    It will be better if you make them as your give away to us. Rather than make us feel so heart broken everytime you drop them 🤣😂

  71. Shine Jover
    Shine Jover
    20 дней назад

    If only I can afford that phone 😞 I really want that soo bad pleasee even if it is broken i will love to use that 😢😢

  72. Ashante
    21 день назад

    If you still have this phones please mail them to me 🥲

  73. Vishnu Pratap Singh
    Vishnu Pratap Singh
    21 день назад

    This guy just don’t have a heart 🥺😔

  74. Kimkim Kim
    Kimkim Kim
    22 дня назад

    they're dropping something more expensive than my life goddamn

  75. Emiliano Sánchez
    Emiliano Sánchez
    22 дня назад

    Vales verga we alch

  76. L00peey
    23 дня назад

    take into consideration that he dropped these on a flat, non rigid surface. if it was asphalt with small rocks it would have been a done deal.

  77. Tausendwasser
    24 дня назад

    "Best, strongest, ever!" ...buys a bumper ...buys screen protector ...buys camera protector ...feels relaxed finally.

    24 дня назад

    Sir please give me one plss i am from India can u please give me

  79. ChapchaHang Rai
    ChapchaHang Rai
    24 дня назад

    Heart attack 😁😂🤘

  80. Basketball Mixtapes
    Basketball Mixtapes
    25 дней назад

    GOD bless💕🙏🏾

  81. Alchemist D
    Alchemist D
    25 дней назад

    This video gave me some serious anxiety 😸

  82. Michael S
    Michael S
    25 дней назад

    You can't feel videos. Videos:

  83. Gaurav Thakur
    Gaurav Thakur
    25 дней назад

    Any billoner is there who can give me any iphone not 12 any 5s also 🙄

  84. The handball Channel
    The handball Channel
    25 дней назад

    RIP iPhones

  85. Gopikrishna Samala
    Gopikrishna Samala
    26 дней назад

    Thank you th iPhone 12 is the best so I made a drop test and a water test with the iPhone you gave me

  86. Gopikrishna Samala
    Gopikrishna Samala
    26 дней назад

    The screen is working fine Face ID is still working and everything else is also fine

  87. Gopikrishna Samala
    Gopikrishna Samala
    26 дней назад

    I dropped the iPhone 12 from 9,000 meters from an helicopter without a case and it survived

    1. HelyoGex
      26 дней назад

      Wtf are you saying here??? 9000 meters are 9 km, no helicopter can fly at that altitude. Jesius.....

  88. Ali Gamil
    Ali Gamil
    26 дней назад

    So get a phone case then your good

    1. HelyoGex
      26 дней назад

      Then drop on someone's head and they're gone.

  89. Chase Bikes
    Chase Bikes
    27 дней назад

    Pisses me off that he doesn’t move the phone after he drops it so the other phone gets dropped on it

  90. Yelamo Rengifo
    Yelamo Rengifo
    27 дней назад

    Jajaja te apuesto que el se te cae de la cama y ya se daño todo jajajajja 😂😂 el típico

  91. imMac
    28 дней назад

    Drop test too many drop did not break, reality 1 drop and thats the end

  92. AMA Khan
    AMA Khan
    28 дней назад

    It only breaks when u own it

  93. DJ JV Do BECO
    28 дней назад


  94. CESARTIBU 23
    Месяц назад

    Q asco ver estos videos y tú con tu iPhone 8 en pleno 2031

  95. Sate Ayam
    Sate Ayam
    Месяц назад

    I just bought the 12 and now I’m just scared only hitting it on the floor even for a few inch

  96. gaming guru
    gaming guru
    Месяц назад

    7:00you said 11 and 11 pro by mistake to 12 series

  97. Cody Burnette
    Cody Burnette
    Месяц назад

    Me watching this on my XR that took me 18 months to pay off: 👁💧👄💧👁

  98. ZYROL
    Месяц назад

    it only breaks when dropped on accident 😂😂

  99. Cadaver
    Месяц назад

    Personally I thought all of the colors were really nice but they make look different in person

  100. Jimmy Fay
    Jimmy Fay
    Месяц назад

    Why is this so hard to watch every time a phone falls it hurts in my chest 🤣🤣