Kalashnikov reveals first Russian-made smart shotgun MP-155 Ultima

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MP-155 Ultima: first Russian-made gun to offer synchronization with personal gadgets! LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? Subscribe to the channel: rugone.info/sun/zGdxkzULCa9RlD-Q2EZPXQ
MP-155 Ultima
- Based on MP-155
- Chassis made from T7075 alloy and high-end rugged polymer
- Quick-release stock with a built-in computer
- The computer's onboard memory stores videos
- Data can be transferred to external devices over Wi-Fi
- USB Type-C port for connecting FHD cameras


  1. Kyle Von
    Kyle Von
    День назад

    A smart shotgun would be something developed around 1 3/4" 12 ga.

  2. John Wick
    John Wick
    День назад

    When doomguy has had enough

  3. John Cedric Azuela
    John Cedric Azuela
    4 дня назад

    KRM in CODM ✨✨

  4. Paul Critchfield
    Paul Critchfield
    4 дня назад

    That one bad ass gun!

  5. Анатолий Орлов
    Анатолий Орлов
    6 дней назад

    Жаль, что работает только на картинке😅

  6. Matteo Livraghi
    Matteo Livraghi
    9 дней назад

    Can't stop watching this video

  7. Law Sking
    Law Sking
    10 дней назад

    Hey Siri! Take the shot!!!

  8. H Heiwitzer
    H Heiwitzer
    10 дней назад

    So f*cking AWESOME !!

  9. InjaMeme
    10 дней назад


  10. Hawk Knight
    Hawk Knight
    10 дней назад

    Why. I can count my own round.

  11. SnapperTrx
    11 дней назад

    Please select mode: Rip or Tear?

  12. Archangel Doge1
    Archangel Doge1
    12 дней назад

    Now V, remember to use a smart gun link to make your new iron work as intended

  13. Tim Bassett
    Tim Bassett
    13 дней назад

    F’ing WoW! I want one!!!

  14. JahanKhan
    13 дней назад

    I dont need anymore connectivity or monitoring. I got my car phone security system and CCTV everywhere for that. Ill take my straight mechanical tool thanks

  15. aerotour sierra
    aerotour sierra
    13 дней назад

    Welcome to russia

  16. Terry Costilow
    Terry Costilow
    14 дней назад

    Does the music come with the gun

  17. Boe Jiden
    Boe Jiden
    14 дней назад

    If only this was available in the US

  18. SAN SUNG
    15 дней назад

    Pues la presentación estuvo muy chingona !

  19. Dushyant M
    Dushyant M
    15 дней назад

    WiFi, Bluetooth. Next thing you know you're making a WiFi hotspot from the gun and can't use when you need it cause someones download will stop..

  20. SGT Spaulding
    SGT Spaulding
    15 дней назад

    Well Joe did say get a shotgun....

  21. pritam gogoi
    pritam gogoi
    15 дней назад

    Indians design agencies need to learn here

  22. Curt Richardson
    Curt Richardson
    16 дней назад

    I love buckshot.oh,yeah.

  23. Kevin Wilmore
    Kevin Wilmore
    16 дней назад


  24. Big Red
    Big Red
    16 дней назад

    Can I get one without a fucking computer in it? If so, then take my money.

  25. Caleb Franklin
    Caleb Franklin
    16 дней назад

    Wifi with a shotgun

  26. El Burro Peligroso
    El Burro Peligroso
    16 дней назад

    Looks like something from Halo or Killzone

  27. Malik CRINGE
    Malik CRINGE
    17 дней назад

    Its fun and games when you stealin' until you hear a John Wick music playing and a bolt slaming the chamber 😆

  28. Zander Mercury
    Zander Mercury
    17 дней назад

    Why the hell this reminds me of the Blaster rifle for the clone trooper

    17 дней назад

    cuantas municiones le caben a esta

  30. Rodrigo
    17 дней назад


  31. Chris G
    Chris G
    17 дней назад

    Oh my the wheel has been reinvented again... poorly. Technology laiden/fragile/hackable/ needlessly complex, and expensive. No thanks. How about something I could really use, like the ability to hold high capacity magazines. I can't imagine of the price of this "innovative" weapon. *"High end rugged polymer"=plastic.

  32. Ammar Sulaiman
    Ammar Sulaiman
    17 дней назад

    Suitable for used in call of duty modern warfare to againts US army in the battlefield

  33. Veteran Loner
    Veteran Loner
    17 дней назад

    Everybody:hey what's your special Move? Me: 1:36

  34. Vladimir Novakovic
    Vladimir Novakovic
    17 дней назад

    what is smart about it? Same chassis as western guns. Nothing new.

  35. Guilbert Castelo
    Guilbert Castelo
    17 дней назад

    Will it work even if your not connected to the Wifi ?

  36. Jacob Prater
    Jacob Prater
    17 дней назад

    Can someone do a deep dive and explain all the features

  37. Jon Paul
    Jon Paul
    17 дней назад

    Look at that WiFi logo😂

  38. Aspen James Games
    Aspen James Games
    18 дней назад

    I'd lo e one

  39. Mike
    18 дней назад

    I want it

  40. Edd
    18 дней назад

    2000: lemme recharge my Ipod 2015: better grab my laptop charger 2020: your shotgun has 15% battery remaining please plug in to resume slaughter

  41. Mysterious Man
    Mysterious Man
    18 дней назад

    Time to download aimbot to my shotgun computer

  42. Ricardo Abreu
    Ricardo Abreu
    18 дней назад

    2021 - Still no phased plasma rifle in 40 watts range

  43. Joshua Taft
    Joshua Taft
    18 дней назад


  44. Aril Abella
    Aril Abella
    18 дней назад

    The next update will address heating and stability issues, improve camera stability, activate the step counter, heart rate monitor and aside from Glonass also connect to GPS and Baidu

  45. Mike sigler
    Mike sigler
    18 дней назад

    That’s badass!!!!

  46. Steve Campbell
    Steve Campbell
    18 дней назад

    You guys just screwed all of us with this smart crap,,,,so thanks for that ,,,commies

  47. Sanzo
    18 дней назад

    Livestreaming shotgun.

  48. Jek Richer
    Jek Richer
    19 дней назад

    Европейцы знают о нашем оружие больше чем мы, Россияне 🤣

  49. Austin
    19 дней назад

    In soviet russia shotgun shoots you

  50. Лилипутин обыкновенный
    Лилипутин обыкновенный
    19 дней назад

    Роботу " Фёдору" понравится

  51. Tequan Rush
    Tequan Rush
    19 дней назад

    What's smart about it?

  52. Jeanne Marlene
    Jeanne Marlene
    19 дней назад

    Wow amazing 👍👍👍

  53. AV Productions
    AV Productions
    19 дней назад

    When you are bored in a mission, the Netflix's option is always on. 🤣🤣🤣

  54. John Raina
    John Raina
    19 дней назад

    Now i know true love🥰😍

  55. Jay T.
    Jay T.
    19 дней назад

    Shut up and take my money!

  56. Tier1Norseman
    19 дней назад

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we can't get them in the states.......

  57. Joseph Fox
    Joseph Fox
    19 дней назад

    This looks Star Wars blaster from Clone Wars...

  58. Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko
    19 дней назад

    i love russia

  59. Grandaddy Purple
    Grandaddy Purple
    19 дней назад

    I love you guys finally

  60. Shinigami13
    19 дней назад

    Girl: Hey take my picture Incel: proceeds to take out shotgun

  61. owen rhodes
    owen rhodes
    19 дней назад

    Omg! Take my fcking money!

  62. Billz
    19 дней назад

    Very nice... probably zero chance of it making to Canada though😞

  63. Caleb H
    Caleb H
    19 дней назад

    Im as pro 2nd amendment as you can get ut who the hell needs a camera attached to your gun??

  64. Under God1776
    Under God1776
    19 дней назад

    Looks to heavy

  65. Black Iron Tarkus
    Black Iron Tarkus
    19 дней назад

    Now play DOOM in it.

  66. Michael Mvp
    Michael Mvp
    20 дней назад

    Some Hummmm Yeaa!

  67. kennydunk
    20 дней назад

    This is dumb and shouldn't be making guns with solid state components that can be hacked because everything can be hacked or jailbroken.

  68. Jerry 7.62
    Jerry 7.62
    20 дней назад

    I need this in my life

  69. Soufiane kadari
    Soufiane kadari
    20 дней назад

    And All you need to neutralize the shotgun is an iphone and a wifi connection .....😅

    1. Elyad G.
      Elyad G.
      17 дней назад

      Or a corrupt government

  70. Guy who did 911
    Guy who did 911
    20 дней назад

    I want ai gun

  71. AK 82
    AK 82
    20 дней назад

    That was an epic piece

  72. shade 9178
    shade 9178
    20 дней назад

    Seems cool and all. But honestly don't trust anything with computers or micro chips. Look what it did to the automobiles.

    20 дней назад

    Now, the American version will be a mossberg with a Samsung galaxy ducked taped to the stock playing Metallica dont tread on me as the tyrants try marching in

    20 дней назад


  75. Clint
    20 дней назад

    Put the camera on the gun, Cops still won't turn it on...

  76. Davey Cook
    Davey Cook
    20 дней назад


  77. stephen hunter
    stephen hunter
    20 дней назад

    Hey guys, let's take a quick selfie.

  78. Rocka Boo
    Rocka Boo
    20 дней назад

    Can i have your hotspot password? Eat slugs!

  79. pinkeye00
    21 день назад

    order form or STFD

  80. music leey
    music leey
    21 день назад

    Whats the name of the BGM?

  81. One Trick Pony
    One Trick Pony
    21 день назад

    Dude's wearing his tacticool coronavirus mask. That, combined with the Rob Zombie metal guitar, makes this gun so much more super badass.

  82. Matias Spesot
    Matias Spesot
    21 день назад

    i tought it had aimbot :(

  83. SemperFi Comic Guy
    SemperFi Comic Guy
    21 день назад


  84. nerk23
    21 день назад

    ..much design...only. ?!!?..

  85. Amith Rodrigo
    Amith Rodrigo
    21 день назад

    I wish I had a couple of these with about 2000 rounds so I can end my neighbor's bloodline :D.. Just kidding...:P :P :P

  86. KINGBILLY616
    21 день назад

    Just kills things ...

  87. Mohammed Fiezaan
    Mohammed Fiezaan
    21 день назад

    What's the cost of.that gun?

  88. Yukozuna
    21 день назад


  89. Lukwago Asuman
    Lukwago Asuman
    21 день назад

    Wi-fi and bt you think if am infiltrating somewhere i will need connectivity.... okay send me an mp3 while am at it

  90. Damian Peterson
    Damian Peterson
    21 день назад

    That is amazing

  91. Chicago Man
    Chicago Man
    21 день назад

    My favorite part is the built-in alarm clock.😋

  92. M5A1 Stuart
    M5A1 Stuart
    21 день назад

    They should made Smart Shotgun.

  93. RedFoxOne TV
    RedFoxOne TV
    21 день назад

    This is going to be epic in tarkov

  94. Jim Bob's Arcade
    Jim Bob's Arcade
    21 день назад

    БОЛЬШОЕ СПАСИБО, я старый воин здесь, в крестовых походах на RUgone. ✝ я ценю подписку

  95. Steven Dondero
    Steven Dondero
    21 день назад

    Russian meddling in U.S arms manufacturing, widely acceptable.

  96. Tony Sanders
    Tony Sanders
    21 день назад

    It a shotgun .....you don't need none of that shit.pont and shoot. .can't miss

  97. Marlon Torres
    Marlon Torres
    21 день назад

    Smart gun then government hack your gun, you have a hard plastic and metal to defense your self..

  98. Brad Engen
    Brad Engen
    21 день назад

    Remington has the semiato for years long be for Russia a lot of Russian weapons are copies from other guns

  99. Brad Engen
    Brad Engen
    21 день назад

    A copy of bernely