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Arcane the animated series is coming to Netflix Fall 2021.
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  1. Ai Fallen
    Ai Fallen
    8 минут назад

    I'm excited to see Jinx in this!!!

  2. globesignal 1bar
    globesignal 1bar
    13 минут назад

    Its better than netflix originals

  3. soiung toiue
    soiung toiue
    25 минут назад

    Finally, Riot remember they are animation studio.

  4. Just Dom
    Just Dom
    36 минут назад

    Valorant animatwd series next? Ive been dying for them to expand the world lore

  5. MD Clawz
    MD Clawz
    42 минуты назад


  6. Sp33dy Tronic
    Sp33dy Tronic
    Час назад

    Lástima que sea una serie sobre los personajes del lol menos interesantes

    1. soiung toiue
      soiung toiue
      24 минуты назад

      im searching for the song so hard ;-; its so good >:(

  7. E Tags
    E Tags
    Час назад

    Its like the BNL from Wall.e Riot grows into all we need from entertainment, food, clothing, furnitures and maybe they'll go with world domination next am into that.

  8. Ariel M
    Ariel M
    Час назад

    Why drop the trailer now if its airing in fall

  9. natrex Ferreira
    natrex Ferreira
    2 часа назад

    cadê os brazucas do prata que estão doidos pra ter essa série?

  10. The Anonymous
    The Anonymous
    2 часа назад


  11. BurgerBun
    2 часа назад

    I need the full song, honestly love it.

  12. Christian Brinkley
    Christian Brinkley
    3 часа назад

    All I know is the music better be 🔥

  13. Onion Bae1000
    Onion Bae1000
    3 часа назад

    Anyone wanna be my Netflix date 🤣 any gamer boy

  14. Chriss Vay Art
    Chriss Vay Art
    4 часа назад


  15. TuJix Network
    TuJix Network
    4 часа назад

    Untested versions included.

  16. TheQuan1000
    4 часа назад

    Ah yes, the music/film company that uses games to promote it.

  17. Darren Time
    Darren Time
    5 часов назад


  18. Hatice Yıldıran
    Hatice Yıldıran
    5 часов назад

    Film ne zaman çıkcak

  19. Aminur Rashid
    Aminur Rashid
    5 часов назад

    Hi i am an animator from bangladesh and i dream to work on your studio league of legends :)

  20. Irvan Jovial
    Irvan Jovial
    6 часов назад

    Yoooo i've been waiting for this!!!

  21. Élie Brière Talbot
    Élie Brière Talbot
    6 часов назад

    im searching for the song so hard ;-; its so good >:(

  22. Midnight Rider
    Midnight Rider
    6 часов назад

    And they're starting it from Zaun. Wise choice just make warwick as an anti-hero please

  23. arlynn Alicer
    arlynn Alicer
    7 часов назад

    FINALLY!!! been playing leagues since 2011 and always wish they'll make an anime version

  24. Sherlock
    7 часов назад

    !song !song !song !song !song plz

  25. Егор играман
    Егор играман
    7 часов назад

    Это чего ваш 1 фильм🤔

  26. Nash Nash Nash
    Nash Nash Nash
    7 часов назад

    The fact that riot might simply teased the new champion (From Necrit) is awesome in it’s own way, and i’m hoping to see how singed experimented on warwick.

  27. Sweet Corn
    Sweet Corn
    7 часов назад

    "then mobile legends creates their own netflix animated series"

  28. Ghost
    8 часов назад

    Still waiting for star guardian

  29. Holmes Trân
    Holmes Trân
    8 часов назад

    Can't wait for the full song TT

  30. Eddy Radu
    Eddy Radu
    8 часов назад

    Don’t forget aphelios I dare you

  31. Rafael Leopoldino
    Rafael Leopoldino
    8 часов назад


  32. GilitoMcPato
    8 часов назад

    Ok, I didn't see this coming. -Lee Sin.

  33. Music Dx
    Music Dx
    8 часов назад

    Ziggs is gonna be in the series? Its partner from jinx if im not wrong. ( Sorry for my bad english)

  34. 흘레구름
    8 часов назад

    이 정도면 라이엇의 딸은 징크스 럭스 둘이 아닐까?

  35. nguyễn dương
    nguyễn dương
    8 часов назад

    :v khi bạn công ty là game nhưng lại đam mê làm phim...

  36. You Know Who
    You Know Who
    8 часов назад

    Dream come true❤️❤️❤️

  37. Proxy Payload
    Proxy Payload
    9 часов назад

    My girl Vi finally getting some attention.

  38. Carnieli
    9 часов назад

    Carlos Marighella foi um político, escritor e guerrilheiro comunista marxista-leninista brasileiro. Um dos principais organizadores da luta armada contra a ditadura militar brasileira, Marighella chegou a ser considerado o inimigo "número um" do regime.

  39. Vaynedicator 14
    Vaynedicator 14
    9 часов назад

    Boys the time has come.

  40. Leonard Andrew
    Leonard Andrew
    9 часов назад

    Ok, now where my Ekko's boi

  41. Sayantani
    9 часов назад


  42. Rashad Iskandar
    Rashad Iskandar
    9 часов назад

    PLEASE have a Lux storyline that'd be so fun to watch

  43. cyanite
    9 часов назад

    they should make a game from this series

  44. Ginpachi Sensei
    Ginpachi Sensei
    9 часов назад

    Thank you Riot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler
    9 часов назад

    Something came up to watch

  46. Oasis Thailand
    Oasis Thailand
    9 часов назад


  47. 또김
    10 часов назад

    한국인이 없군

  48. - S&G
    - S&G
    10 часов назад


  49. Antonela Tisera
    Antonela Tisera
    10 часов назад

    Lo que todo el mundo esperaba

  50. ツWoaked
    10 часов назад

    2030 riot convertible

  51. ZER0
    10 часов назад


  52. Ocha Hastur
    Ocha Hastur
    10 часов назад

    Anyone know the song they use?

    1. Kawaii Chan
      Kawaii Chan
      10 часов назад

      I think this song is one of the ost for this series. So, the song still not out yet until they release this series.

  53. Julia G.P
    Julia G.P
    10 часов назад


  54. Royce Perez
    Royce Perez
    11 часов назад

    Can’t wait to see Jinx Sister

  55. 기다려봐자야
    11 часов назад

    I don't understand what just happened but it's freakin awsome

  56. ( Gaming Channel ) Professor AWM - AWP
    ( Gaming Channel ) Professor AWM - AWP
    11 часов назад

    Does this means they will make videos like episode like watching Dragon Ball Z?

  57. ( Gaming Channel ) Professor AWM - AWP
    ( Gaming Channel ) Professor AWM - AWP
    11 часов назад

    I wish i can see Irelia here.

  58. Crimson Hawk
    Crimson Hawk
    11 часов назад

    oh they chose netflix to release this on cool, i remember this being announced last year and i recentish started play wild rift... lol is a hard game to learn but i like the lore and animated trailers... just... waiting on zoe to release on it XD.

  59. Jhdjuggjdfjkygitjufj
    11 часов назад

    I m waiting for so long,Just realese this game already 😭

  60. Silvermist neoncloud
    Silvermist neoncloud
    11 часов назад


  61. Pls Be Gentle
    Pls Be Gentle
    11 часов назад

    YES FINALLY, I get to know what happend to the crazy hot chick

  62. Solo Magician
    Solo Magician
    12 часов назад

    Wow great news

    1. Slickntt
      2 часа назад

      Bootleg game

    2. Tulio presidente
      Tulio presidente
      5 часов назад

      your profile picture is from the disgusting rats video game from Mobil leyends

  63. araceli magno
    araceli magno
    12 часов назад


  64. Anandita Ekr
    Anandita Ekr
    12 часов назад


  65. Kartikeya Kaushik
    Kartikeya Kaushik
    12 часов назад


  66. Jean View
    Jean View
    12 часов назад


  67. NSH Official
    NSH Official
    12 часов назад

    wowwww Animated series !!!!!!

  68. John Christian Enriquez
    John Christian Enriquez
    13 часов назад

    Now i dare you to say moonton is better than riot

  69. alvin Areola
    alvin Areola
    13 часов назад


  70. lewin
    13 часов назад

    olm bunun için netflix alınır ya

  71. szefito total
    szefito total
    13 часов назад

    jebac lige

  72. Cosmic Blox
    Cosmic Blox
    13 часов назад

    Riot Games better take the amount credit that they deserve and not let Netflix hog it all and give payments to the people who deserve it

  73. prince vincent evangelista
    prince vincent evangelista
    13 часов назад

    After Girl from nowwhere season 1-2 Lets proceed here

  74. iamjg pineda
    iamjg pineda
    14 часов назад

    this arcane series better be beautifull

  75. Aimane
    14 часов назад

    Everyday, I'm getting a dose of this

  76. Kacper Gadziński
    Kacper Gadziński
    14 часов назад

    Im simping for jinx

  77. The Misguided Ghost
    The Misguided Ghost
    14 часов назад

    Song? *.*

  78. LoL KuteX
    LoL KuteX
    14 часов назад

    Whers Garen :(?

  79. Shi-Ran Haumaha
    Shi-Ran Haumaha
    14 часов назад

    Omg about time. Waited 3 years for at least an announcement of when this will be released. I hope it was worth the wait. Riot hasn't let me down so far..

  80. GianTzy!
    15 часов назад

    wowoakaoaoaoaoaooaoaoaokwjwiakajahhahahahhahahah WOAGAHHHHHHHH I WOULD WATCH THSISSSSSSSS WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and i bet there is a game that copied LOL that will copy it again by making some movie or series too And That game has a "Legends" on its name too

  81. Niel Brian Inocencio
    Niel Brian Inocencio
    15 часов назад


  82. Sondre
    16 часов назад

    Disapointed it's going to be on netfix instead of making your own thing. I would like if you at least used a distributor with better policies and with a better reputation.

  83. Ivailo Ivanov
    Ivailo Ivanov
    16 часов назад

    CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

  84. P.A. Basmayor
    P.A. Basmayor
    16 часов назад

    Netflix and int

  85. Lidia S
    Lidia S
    16 часов назад

    Why is it called Arcane

  86. Hurdan
    16 часов назад

    i hope we see viktor and jayce, i loved that story

  87. Ju To
    Ju To
    16 часов назад

    This is really can we thank rito, that they just did what we asked for?😂♥️

  88. Λswin Siva
    Λswin Siva
    16 часов назад

    thank you🥺

  89. Honey Jordan
    Honey Jordan
    17 часов назад

    I can't wait. 🥺😭

  90. Enzo Sanchez
    Enzo Sanchez
    17 часов назад

    Yeeeeees !

  91. Dylan Rocha
    Dylan Rocha
    17 часов назад

    Anyone know the name of the song?

    1. mong vivi
      mong vivi
      17 часов назад

      I think the song isn't out yet

  92. Ashley Jude Redoble
    Ashley Jude Redoble
    18 часов назад


  93. john mark Cabanjen
    john mark Cabanjen
    18 часов назад

    Just wait till mobile legends copy this again 😂

    1. mong vivi
      mong vivi
      17 часов назад

      Yeah 🤣

  94. Kem Shake
    Kem Shake
    18 часов назад


  95. Khaled MH Alghamdi
    Khaled MH Alghamdi
    18 часов назад

    here is another reason to hate COVID19 arcane series was supposed to be released in 2020

  96. Augustus
    18 часов назад

    What is the song used in the trailer??

    1. Augustus
      10 часов назад

      @Kawaii Chan thank you for the info 🤗

    2. Kawaii Chan
      Kawaii Chan
      10 часов назад

      I think the song is a ost for this series. So, the song still not out yet until they release this series.

  97. Adraloves grapes
    Adraloves grapes
    18 часов назад


  98. Ali Hassan Khan Kakar
    Ali Hassan Khan Kakar
    19 часов назад

    Lovely... 😍😍😍

  99. Celty the simp magnate
    Celty the simp magnate
    19 часов назад

    Jinx rage quit

  100. Randy Fernando
    Randy Fernando
    19 часов назад

    Ay mi corazón